Click 🤷‍♂️ Alt+Click 💪

Let's face it, 90% of our days as a lawyer is spent scrolling up-and-down in documents. Ok, maybe not quite 90% but it got your attention right?!

Donna already made it easier to jump to exactly the right spot in your document. For example, if you were looking at an issue you could click on the focus button and it would...well...focus in the document where the issue was.

But sometimes you don't want to scroll away. Maybe you are comparing two definitions. What is a desperate lawyer to do in a situation like this. 

Well now you can alt+click on that very same button and instead of scrolling it shows you a little preview popup. 

The information you need right at your fingertips.

And it's not just the focus button. Anywhere where you see a link (for instance to a related Definition or Referenced Clause) you can now alt+click. So not only is alt+click awesome, it's consistently awesome. And we're keen to hear what you think!

Defined Term Preview

Lots of you have been asking us to add a feature so you can quickly look up the definition of a term. Problem was, we already HAD that feature! But clearly the user experience needed some work to be more intuitive.

To experience this new world wonder go to the Definitions section in the app. You still get the same convenient overview of all the terms used in the document. If you are on Windows they are also still highlighted in the text.

BUT...drumroll please...when you click one of these highlights (or on macOS just the text) there is a new popup that discreetly shows the definition of the term. 🤯 It even works if there are multiple definitions. You can also click each definition to jump to the location in the document where the term is defined. Super useful if you want to make a quick edit.

From 0 to 100 pages in 5 seconds

Did you know that the average human reads at a speed of 200-250 words per minute, or about 2 minutes per page? 

How does Donna's reading speed compare?

Over the last month our team has been focused on making a number of large improvements in the way that Donna's AI processes information. The equivalent of being able to calculate all the questions on a calculus exam simultaneously, instead of one by one.  

So now Donna can read and analyse legal documents at an average speed of 20 pages per second. That's roughly 5 seconds to review your entire 100 page contract. 

Which means a much smoother experience, especially with those larger contracts. A difference you'll definitely notice.  

Beam me in, Scotty!

When it comes to striking a balance, security is one of those thorny areas. While safeguarding all you entrust into Donna's hands is essential, these measures should never get in your way. Think unlocking your phone by looking at it rather than a clunky airport security check.

With this in mind, we have redesigned the sign in & sign up flows. We have stayed clear of passwords — this should keep your IT departments jolly 🤞 — and minimised the amount of emails flowing into your mailbox for verification. Once signed in, accessing Donna should never take more than 3 seconds.

To go back to our analogy, now you can keep your belt on and rest assured. Well, draft assured.

Suggestions get the Marie Kondo makeover

Sometimes life is a little simpler when it's better organised. Which is why we've applied the principle of zen to Donna's suggestions by grouping them into categories. 

Now you can directly go to the suggestions that matter most for you, when reviewing.

✅ Definitions
Can make or break a contract, now you can quickly find and correct all undefined terms, duplicate definitions and more...

✅ References
Spot all missing and outdated references, which you can quickly resolve...

✅ Clarity
Get rid of ambiguity from your Agreements and make them crystal clear...

✅ Final Details
Don't forget to tidy up those final details, like a missing parenthesis or accidental white space. 

Don't fret, Donna has got your back.

Pain-Free Cross-References

There was a dark time when inserting a cross reference in Word required going back and forth between the text and different tabs and menus. That dark persists for some, but for those of you who use Donna, there's a hint of sunshine. 

In this latest version, you simply write the text and Donna inserts the reference for you, with just one click. No more back-and-forth, and no more disruptions to your flow. Just keep on writing! 

To achieve this we had to dive deep into the engine of Donna, teaching the algorithm  to understand the context of references, their intention, as well as the structures of legal documents. Its been a long journey for us, but a journey well worth it to make your workflow simpler.

Track Changes are Back on Track

Tracking your changes in Word is a smart practice, and you probably use them all the time. Donna used to be overly sensitive when it came to your track changes and would get confused by what was added to the document and what had been deleted. Which would cause Donna's highlights to show up in the wrong place. Utterly confusing!

We have made some drastic changes in how we interpret Word documents which means now Donna better understands how to look at a document that contains tracked changes.

Making highlights a lot more precise! 

Not only that, but now it's even possible to review a document with any type of markup. You can even let Donna read the original document, before changes are applied, to see how your changes have improved Donna's suggestions.

Skip, Report, Remove or Fix

We've made it clearer what actions can be taken for a suggestion.

Like before you can Skip a suggestion by using the arrow buttons. This is useful if you might want to get back to a suggestion later.

If you're not interested in a suggestion you can also Remove it and Donna won't bring it up again. This could be useful if Donna points out that a term is not defined but you know it's defined in another document that will be attached later. Technically Donna was correct, but you know better ☺️

✅ Now when removing a suggestion Donna will also take care to automatically remove related suggestions, so you no longer need to click Remove dozens of times.

If you believe Donna wrongly added the suggestion you can also Report a Mistake. This will not only remove the suggestion but also update your Donna to make fewer mistakes like this in the future.

Finally we've made it clearer when a suggestion has a Quick Fix available. Just click the Apply Fix button for Donna to make the suggested changes for you. And stay tuned because we'll be releasing a lot more "quick-fixable" suggestions soon!

Duplicate Clause...Where?!?

Did Donna ever give you the Duplicate Clause suggestion? Did you also get frustrated that Donna didn't tell you where the other duplicate was. Well, be frustrated no more. Donna will now list the location of the duplicates under related information.

Click. Boom. Click. Boom.

Donna now feels much snappier when snoozing or removing a suggestion.

We did this by instantly updating the UI rather than waiting for our servers to reply. In 99.9% of cases things go fine...which means now you don't have to wait around.

If something goes wrong, then we will always put the original suggestion back in the queue for you.

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