Happy Holidays 🎄

Inspired by these "festive" times upon us Donna can now check that important dates don't happen to fall on a banking or national holiday.

And Donna does it in a smart way too 🧠 First she looks at which countries and regions are relevant to the contract. She then loads the calendars for those regions. This way she can even notify you of more obscure holidays.

This feature should help those of you who frequently write agreements with international parties. 

You can view these holidays by hovering the golden star in the Dates overview.

Or you can also find a suggestion when going through the Clarity category.

Easy as ABC 🔠

For those of you who sort your definitions in alphabetical order, we've got something cool for you. Donna can now find places where someone has placed a definition out of order!

Over the coming weeks we'll be making several improvements. Ensuring that Donna can also find smaller blocks of alphabetically sorted definitions than she currently can. We also hope to be able to point you exactly to where the definition should be moved, and we might even be able to make it a quick fix! 🤞

Consistency is Key

Now that Donna's brain has been upgraded we've finally been able to introduce a new category of issues that you have been asking for a long time. Donna will start ensuring the document is consistently formatted and phrased.

The first issue that we're introducing is Donna's ability to ensure that Definitions are consistently formatted. For instance if you like making your definitions bold (good on you!) Donna will now pick up on when someone else has come in and not played by your rules.


Wingdings No More

Based on a recent tweet by one of our favourite Legal Tech gurus we were made aware of the following problem:

And with such a clear cry for help, we had to do something. So we assembled an elite task-force and now half a day later...problem solved!

Donna can now find places where the Wingdings dot is used and will suggest a more colleague friendly alternative. Not only that, Donna can actually fix it for you with the click of a button!

Donna is still learning and so she might not pick up on all cases just yet, but we hope to polish those final details in the days to come. For now we think it's mission accomplished. 

Until the next bat-signal! 🦸‍♀️

Referring to...

You can now easily create an overview of all the references in a document. Even if they don't use cross-references (yet).

Using the preview snippets (remember, Alt + click) allows you to quickly check if references are referring to the right paragraph. And naturally Donna will also show any suggestions of her own.

But the fun doesn't stop there. If you select a reference in a document Donna will (if available) also show a snippet of what the reference is referring to. This allows you to quickly check a reference while reading the text. Without the need to jump around in the document.

See It, Fix It, Sorted

We've added the ability show and fix a suggestion right from an overview.

For example while going through your defined terms you can immediately fix an issue as you come across them. Without having to switch back and forth between the suggestions section and the defined term section. Neat!

Click 🤷‍♂️ Alt+Click 💪

Let's face it, 90% of our days as a lawyer is spent scrolling up-and-down in documents. Ok, maybe not quite 90% but it got your attention right?!

Donna already made it easier to jump to exactly the right spot in your document. For example, if you were looking at an issue you could click on the focus button and it would...well...focus in the document where the issue was.

But sometimes you don't want to scroll away. Maybe you are comparing two definitions. What is a desperate lawyer to do in a situation like this. 

Well now you can alt+click on that very same button and instead of scrolling it shows you a little preview popup. 

The information you need right at your fingertips.

And it's not just the focus button. Anywhere where you see a link (for instance to a related Definition or Referenced Clause) you can now alt+click. So not only is alt+click awesome, it's consistently awesome. And we're keen to hear what you think!

Pain-Free Cross-References

There was a dark time when inserting a cross reference in Word required going back and forth between the text and different tabs and menus. That dark persists for some, but for those of you who use Donna, there's a hint of sunshine. 

In this latest version, you simply write the text and Donna inserts the reference for you, with just one click. No more back-and-forth, and no more disruptions to your flow. Just keep on writing! 

To achieve this we had to dive deep into the engine of Donna, teaching the algorithm  to understand the context of references, their intention, as well as the structures of legal documents. Its been a long journey for us, but a journey well worth it to make your workflow simpler.

Convert Donna's Suggestions to Word Comments

There's now a new action available for Suggestion cards called Leave a Comment. This automatically turns Donna's suggestion into a Word Comment just like you might have done yourself.

A scenerio where this might be useful is when a paralegal using Donna comes across a complicated suggestion and wants to ask for some input from a associate. They can now easily insert a Comment that copies over all information from Donna's helpful suggestion. Much faster than having to manually rewrite everything Donna just said.

You might be a Donna pro, but you also have to work with others that don't use Donna themselves (maybe give them a tip?). This feature makes it a bit easier to collaborate in those situations, without changing anything about those existing workflows.

Donna's Mistake? No Problem.

Donna makes mistakes but you can now help her learn. Either by removing bad suggestions (instead of Snoozing them) or by sending feedback.

Removing a suggestion will teach your Donna to better understand your documents and make fewer mistakes in the future. It also helps our team to prioritise fixes based on statistics of how frequently a type of suggestion is removed.

If you have a bit more time you can provide some additional feedback. Just a small description of what you think the problem might be can help our team to quickly resolve any underlying problems. You als

o have the option of giving our engineers access to a "nonsensified" sample of your document to further help us identify any issues.

Note: We "nonsensify" a document by replacing every word with another word before sending the document to our bug report system. Our engineers get a limited time-window to access this document and although the structure of the document is intact it looks like complete gibberish!

So "Tesla Motors Inc will sell their company to Apple for $500.000.000.000" might look like "Orange Feet Tower loops ground fever op Grand ish $921.822.111.222" to our team.