Cross-References...Done Right ✅

No more macros, or shortcuts to remember, now you can cross-reference the Donna way. In our latest update, Donna's cross-references overview just got a lot more powerful. Why? Because now Donna can help you with drafting as well by taking care of those cumbersome MS Word workflows. 

Now you can use Donna to...insert new cross-references and update existing ones. 👇

It's pretty simple. To add new references, type in the search bar to find the relevant text or paragraph number, select the style of references you'd like to use and press insert.

To update existing references there are two options. You can use Donna's quick fix option and select 'Fix All' 👇 or you can manually update just as below 👇. 

There's a few more features building on this foundation coming soon, so stay tuned!