You Can't Cross-Reference That

It turns out that Donna and MS Word had different ideas about what paragraphs were reasonable to cross-reference in a document. This lead to that in certain conditions, especially when there were a lot of bullet points, Donna would fail to insert a cross-reference.

We have now worked around the issue. There are still some extremely rare corner-cases that are difficult to detect due to a limit in MS Word's code. But we've allowed Donna to guess in a way that seems reasonable in most contracts.

In practice, this means that Donna is able to help you insert cross-references with ease in your day-to-day drafting.

Note: The fix is available from version 0.0.43. If you haven't received the update yet you can try and restart Donna by right-clicking on the tray-icon, selecting Restart, and keeping Donna closed for a few minutes. The update will load automatically and Donna will restart when ready. You can also download the latest version from your dashboard (